8pm bedtime in our house is not just for the kids. If I’m being honest, and I’m always brutally honest, bedtime is more for me than the kids. By 8pm, I’ve been in mom mode for over 12 hours and I. AM. DONE. I’ve gone nothing left to give. So once the teeth are brushed, books have been read, heads have been kissed, lights have gone out…I breathe a sigh of relief as I walk to the quiet of the living room.

And then.

Not 5 minutes after I’ve snuggled each and every love bug into bed, it comes.

“Mama, will you snuggle me?”

I’ve told myself I’ll never answer that question with a no. But most nights, for a half a second, I sink because I. Just. Want. To. Sit….Alone. Without anyone talking to me, or touching me, or needing me. I want to let my brain rest and my arms fall without holding anyone else up.

And then.

I remember that they won’t always ask for this. Tomorrow could be the day they’re just too cool to snuggle mom. What if I missed my last chance? What if I missed the extra kisses and sweet one-on-one conversations that are next to impossible during the craziness of the day?

And then.

Pushing that hesitation aside, I say, “Of course I can. Always yes to snuggles”

And guess what. Those extra snuggles, they cure my tired and weary heart. They give me extra energy when I thought I couldn’t go any longer.

Each night, even when I’m exhausted. Even when I want to be alone.

“Always yes to snuggles,” will always be my answer.

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