I gave up caring what others think about me. I’ve realized I’d just rather not know. I’m better for all when I work towards bettering myself and my own version of goodness, instead of trying to fit other peoples visions of perfection.

I gave up begging my kids for the perfect photo. I realized I had the wrong idea of perfection, and once I realized that all my kids in a photo, no matter their faces, no matter their mood, was perfect enough for me.

I gave up trying to change other people. I realized that I couldn’t. I realized that I could change my response to other people, and I was much happier when I focused on changing me instead of them.

I gave up complaining about the rain and started looking for the rainbows. I realized that all things good, need the rain sometimes, and rainbows wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful without the storms before them.

I gave up trying to be everything to everyone. I realized it’s impossible to be there for anyone when I’m spreading myself too thin.

I gave up trying to force friendships that were only meant for a season. I gave up chasing people that didn’t want to be chased, and gave up sticking around when people are unkind. I realized once I didn’t crowd my time with unhealthy relationships, I made room for the meaningful ones.

I gave up resisting change and learning to embrace it. I realized that change is the only constant and I better get on board and change my perspective of it, or I was bound to me unhappy.

I gave up. And it truly made all the difference.

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