While running errands the other day, a lady commented on my homemade beaded necklace while standing at the deli counter. I snuck out for the rare grocery trip sans kids. And maybe that’s why my particular jewelry choice stuck out to her enough to comment to a stranger. But her opinion of my jewels made me stop and think.

“Did your kids make you a necklace today?” The lady asked.

“Well, yes, my kids made it, but not today. It was a gift from them a few years back.” I replied with a smile.

“Oh wow!” She seemed genuinely shocked. “How sweet of you to actually wear it other than the day they gave it to you.”

I smiled in return, because I didn’t really know how else to answer a backwards compliment about my jewelry choice. But as I continued down my shopping list, I couldn’t shake the replay of that conversation.

So what I wish I would have told her is that,

I wear my homemade jewelry from my kids, not out of obligation, but because I genuinely love my kids, and all that they create.

I wear these gifts more than “just the day they gave it to me” because it makes them smile when they see it on me.

I wear them because I never want to downplay their talents or their thoughtfulness.

I wear them because if I don’t, one day, they’ll stop making them for me, and then my mom heart would be crushed.

I wear them not just in front of them, but when I’m away from them too, because it reminds me of my precious babies and their sweet, kind hearts.

I wear them because I genuinely see the beauty in them, and these bright beads can fancy up any outfit.

Other than my wedding ring, which I absolutely cherish, I’ve never been big on fancy jewelry. I’m more plain Jane in the jewelry department. But just like my beaded necklace that costs less than $1 to make, I love my wedding ring not because it’s expensive or fancy, but because of the person that gave it to me and the love it represents.

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