Can I be honest for a minute?

When you first told me there was a shift in your office situation, and you would now be working from home, I panicked.

Not because I don’t love seeing you, but I was terrified that you were about to cross into my domain during the work day. I feared we wouldn’t be able to find a happy medium between me being a stay-at-home mom to our (not so quiet) littles, and creating a professional work space. I worried I would constantly be anxious trying to shhh the crying and the tantrums. I didn’t want to be resentful of the extra time we got with you, thinking this would make us all to have to walk on egg shells all day.

I, selfishly, enjoy my morning coffee play dates with other moms, letting our littles have free range to the playroom for the sake of a hot cup of coffee and an adult conversation. Selfish or not, those mom chats were my life line. My saving grace as I navigating this ever-changing journey of motherhood.

I didn’t want to have to give it up.

And if I’m being really honest, I worried I would be envious of your ability to go in your office and shut the madness out behind you. I worried I would want to trade spaces with you, because there are times I long to go into a room all alone and shut the door behind me, without fear of fingers under the door begging for snacks.

I feel I can only admit all of these anxiety provoking thoughts now that we’ve lived it, and it’s been everything I didn’t know our family needed.

Sometimes the fear of the unknown prevents us from welcoming a change that could be life changing.

In all the best ways.

To my surprise, we quickly found our groove, you and I. I found a balance between chaos and calm, and you somehow, figured out a way to block out the noise of life when I couldn’t quiet it. It is wonderful that you have a .087 second commute from end of day, to our family dinner table. You’ve even been able to step away early to help me get meals started while I chase toddlers or nurse a newborn. You’ve been able to spend your lunch break on the trails skipping rocks our boys. Making memories mid-day.

I have seen your added presences at home strengthen your relationships with our boys, and with me. We all feel more connected to you on a daily basis. Our boys walk in the door from an outing and say, “I wanna see daddy,” and they can. They draw something creative and immediately say, “ I wanna show daddy,” and they can. They accomplish something new and they say, “ I wanna tell daddy,” and they can.

You are showing our kids every day, how to balance working hard and loving your family hard. They have learned patience waiting for your to finish a phone call, and learned to be respectful of your closed office doors. Lessons I would have had a hard time enforcing on my own, when we had free range of the whole house.

Between lunch breaks together, a quick hug between conference calls, and getting used to muting the background so your customers don’t hear our screaming kids learning their manners; having you home during the day has been a wonderful change for our family.

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