We are built for this mom thing. Our bodies are made to be stretched and re-shaped in ways we didn’t think we possible. We were made to carry the extra weight even when it’s painful.

We are built for labor and delivery. We are built to overcome the pain, and then continue to give our bodies over to our babies within minutes of birth. Nursing those little humans we love instantly.

We push through.

We bounce back.

Handing our bodies over.

Surrendering to Mother Nature.

We were perfectly built and prepare to do hard things. We are built to run on little sleep and cold cups of coffee. Built to carry other people’s hearts and their burdens too.

We carry them on our hip and in our hearts. We kiss boo boos and comfort the scared and the tired.

We are built with a tough outer shell that takes a beating and can still dish out an abundance of unconditional love for our little ones. It’s amazing how strong a mad three year old can be. Hitting and throwing punches, screaming at us. But we’re right there waiting when they’re ready to calm down, welcoming them with a hug and to kiss their red, sweaty face.

Moms are resilient.

We are built for this.

We are strong like a mother.

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