People have been doing motherhood since the dawn of time. A caveman (or cave-WOman) did it with far less gadgets than I could ever survive on. Motherhood has existed for generations retelling the same events in millions of different lights.

They are born. We raise them. They leave our nest. But there’s some much that happens in between. Motherhood has so many common threads, but we all go about it in different ways. We all have a different perspective. A different story. A different view. All resulting in a different take home message.

That’s motherhood.

We’re all different.

We’re all on a different path.

Working toward a common goal.

To raise good humans.

We take the best of what we’re given and try to sprinkle it over the little humans we’re trying to raise.

In our little world within our 4 walls and the big picture too.

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