Dear Son,

I’m not here to be your friend.

Maybe in 15 years we can be friends.

But not now.

Right now, friendship with you is far from my priority.

My role in your life, is teacher, caregiver, protector, encourager, motivator, the lead by example type of Mama. And that means I love you to the end of the Earth, but I’m not really bothered if you don’t like me all the time. And I hope one day, you’ll understand. One day, when you’re a parent too, you’ll understand the monumental task I tackled when I became your Mama.

Being your Mama means I need to teach you manners, and life lessons. It means I’m not going to protect you from every fall because I want you to learn to fly. It means I’m going to side on the sideline and be your unconditional cheerleader for life. It means I’m going to discipline when I see fit, correct when necessary, and teach when needed. It means I’m going to provide my best balance of shielding you from from the outside world and letting you shine in it. It means guard your heart with my life, but also gradually give you the independence you deserve.

Being your Mama means I’m going to expect you to be learn how to be humble and confident all at once. I’m going to expect you to be thankful and mean it. I’m going to expect you to be kind to everyone even if I don’t expect you to be friends with everyone.

Here’s the thing, my son.

My goal as a mom is to create and build a well balanced adult. I’m tasked with raising boys into men. And I’m certain that in order to accomplish that great task, you won’t like me all the time. So I don’t need to be on your friend list.

I’ll hold out for BFF status when you’re an adult.

For now, I’m just your Mama.

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