Our recent beach trip with kids had us questioning our sanity about 90 times per day. At any given moment one of my three kids were crying, fussing or complaining. There were epic battles to apply sunscreen and wrestling matches that involved bathing suits, goggles, and life jackets. I felt like a pack mule loaded down with snacks, and boogie boards, towels, and swim diapers.

But after it was all said and done, after I’ve caught up on sleep, I still say traveling with my kids is wonderful. Not because it was relaxing. Oh no. It was far from that description. But the memories we made as a family far exceed the effort, sweat and tears we put into making that trip happen.

I still say it’s worth it.

I don’t travel with my kids so that they will remember it, because I’m fairly certain they will only recall mini snippets of our trips at this age. I also don’t consider a trip with young kids a relaxing vacation. It’s actually a lot more work than staying home, if I’m being honest. But we travel with our kids to create family memories. Because even when it’s utter chaos (and there will be chaos), we laugh at the madness that is our life. There are no perfect photos. It’s only real life. But it’s our life. And I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

So take the trip…with the kids.

Will it be hard? Absolutely.
Will there be meltdowns? Yep.
Will you make lasting memories as a family. For sure.

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