It’s hard to avoid the loud hum of negativity in the news headlines. Most days, I can’t even listen to it. Mainly because since becoming a mom, I internalize every story that even remotely involves children. But also because I try to shelter my kids from the negativity for as long as possible.

If I could keep them in a bubble always, I certainly would. If they never had to practice lock down drills at school, I would be able to relax a heck of a lot easier when they were away. But our sad reality is that there are those tough headlines. There are terrible, heartbreaking stories that involve real people. Real families. Real kids.

In a world filled with heartache, the only way to stay positive, is to focus on the good. And although the bad seems so heavy and often clouds the view of the good, there is still good out there, sometimes you just have to look a little harder.

In a world filled with tragedies, there will still always be…

Teachers not working for the pay check, because Lord knows they don’t do it solely for the money. They spend countless hours prepping and preparing, loving and hugging our babies. They feed the curious, they wipe the tears, they build up the next generation. They pour their heart into other people’s children each and every day.

Now that’s something good.

There will still always be strangers helping strangers. There will always be people that still hold the door open for the person behind them or give up their seat for the pregnant mom in the crowded waiting room. There will still always be strangers that rally for people they’ve never met. They will show up after hurricanes and provide food, shelter, and hugs to those displaced. There will still always be church families that travel the world in hopes of spreading good news. There will always be people giving funds to provide a better life to people they will never meet.

Now that’s something good.

There will still always be neighbors that will become your village and your extended, chosen, family. Neighbors that will drop everything to help you when life gets hard. Neighbors that hold hands a funerals and come to hold your newborn within hours of their birth. The kind of neighbors that bring you a warm meal when your husband travels or replenish your wine supply when yours is running low.

Now that’s something good.

There will always be children giving to children. There will always be kids with a tender heart that want to donate school supplies, toys, and warm clothes to other kids that don’t have them. There will always be kids that stop to help the kid that dropped their books, or sit with the kid sitting alone.

Now that’s something good.

Your turn. Tell me something good.

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