Sometimes you have to lose your patience with your kids, in order to teach them patience.

Hear me out, friends.

Motherhood comes with it’s fair share of highs and lows. And those highs and lows can come on quick. They can flip like a switch. Just when you think it’s all going your way. Just when you think you have it all figured out. Just when you think you have control.

You lose it.

That’s motherhood.

It’s a constant adjustment to the game plan. It’s a change on the fly, learn as you go kind of gig. And it’s not for the light hearted.

So it comes with the territory that during motherhood, you’re going to lose your patience. And not just once, but time and time again.

And I’m here to tell you, sweet tired mama, it’s ok to lose it sometimes.

It’s ok to lose your patience. To lose your cool. To lose your sanity.

In fact, it’s not just ok. It’s just plain normal.

In order to teach kids patience you have to lose it sometimes too. “Losing your patience” is a well known phase because that’s exactly what it is.



Cannot find it.

Motherhood can be completely overwhelming. Sometimes we completely lose our cool. Sometimes we completely lose our patience.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve completely failed our kids.

Watching an adult lose their patience teaches kids that everyone has a breaking point and they’ve just seen yours. It teaches kids although they are the center of your world, they are not the center of the entire world. A valuable life lesson, for sure.

It teaches kids how to lose your patience and recover from it. Sometimes reaching your breaking point is what you need to build yourself back up, and find a different solution to the same old problem. Sometimes it takes hitting a wall, before we seek change.

So to the Mama at her breaking point, give yourself a break.

You didn’t ruin your kids if they see you lose control and lose your cool.

Here’s your permission to not hold it all together all the time. Here’s your permission to forgive yourself when you lose your patience. Here’s your permission to give yourself grace. Here’s your permission to completely lose it sometimes.

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